I've written n>0 handouts and problem sets for various reasons. These handouts are categorized based on the time period I wrote it in, so the ones where I compiled problems go together, the ones I wrote while learning X go together, you get the idea.

If you want to compile handouts that look like mine, you are going to need dennis.sty. My college math notes need notes.sty, and EEG V2's cover page uses cover.sty. You can access all of my style files, synced real time by editing TEXMFHOME, at my GitHub.

Selections from MAST

These are selected handouts from my program MAST.


Modular Arithmetic


Self-explanatory. The old Exploring Euclidean Geometry is here for posterity's sake.

Exploring Euclidean Geometry, Version 2 (Preview)

Exploring Euclidean Geometry, Version 1

Barycentric Coordinates

Problem Sets

These are compilations of problems that may have value.

MAST Season 1 Diagnostic

MAST Season 2 Diagnostic

MAST Season 3 Diagnostic

My Mock AIME

The Problem Cauldron

Common AIME Geometry Gems


These are a set of AP Calculus BC handouts that significantly deviate from the usual way the class is taught. I believe that this deviation is a good thing, but it's good to be aware that it does deviate. The first (Differentiation) is made in collaboration with Vishal and Tanush.

Differentiation (Solutions)

What is e?

Integration, made with the help of Dylan Yu.


Any kind of work that has been created with multiple people.

Proofs in Competition Math | Volume 1 Kindle Paperback | Volume 2 Kindle Paperback

e-dchen Mock MATHCOUNTS

Dennis Chen