Exploring Euclidean Geometry
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I've written n>0 handouts and problem sets for various reasons. These handouts are categorized based on the time period I wrote it in, so the ones written when I was a little more drunk are together, the ones where I compiled problems go together, the ones I wrote while learning X go together, you get the idea.

The Beauty of Mathematics

My first handouts. Everyone starts somewhere. (Note: These are the good ones out of my earlier ones. Can you imagine how awful the bad ones were?)

Algebraic Inequalities



5/17/18 Handout


These are like the Beauty of Mathematics handouts, except they're actually good. I took the time to rewrite some notes or handouts from before, and this is the result. Some handouts also have an "X" version, which basically means it's a version that includes all the information, but saves paper when printed, at the expense of some formatting like a title page, table of contents, etc. I may also consider other versions.

Telescoping Remastered | X

Number Theory Abridged


Self-explanatory. This will not include Exploring Euclidean Geometry, but excerpts may be included here.

Barycentric Coordinates

Problem Sets

These are compilations of problems that may have value.

The Problem Cauldron

Common AIME Geometry Gems


Any kind of work that has been created with multiple people.

Proofs in Competition Math | Volume 1 Kindle Paperback | Volume 2 Kindle Paperback

Chapter N Section T