Exploring Euclidean Geometry


Originally published April 30, 2020.

Recent events have made it quite clear that there are some people who act on their whims, much to the harm of others. It's very easy to look down on these types of people, but I have a confession to make: in truth, I am that type of person.

So what can you do if you find yourself being controlled by your whims? Control them instead. This doesn't mean suppresing them - that's hard to do, and besides, not fun. Instead, shape your whims to be constructive. Make the thing you'd drop everything else for be something you'd be comfortable doing.

I feel guilt when I neglect my schoolwork to play video games. This inevitably results in me going back to my schoolwork and getting nothing done. I feel no guilt when I neglect my schoolwork to do math.

Your whims are a powerful force. It just depends on how you use them.