Usefully Asked Questions

Last updated June 10, 2020.

These are some useful questions that people have asked me. Some of these have been asked very frequently, and others are questions that I believe people would benefit from knowing the answer to (even if they don't ask the question themselves).

I'm Dennis Chen, rising sophomore, math enthusiast, and track runner. Two-time AIME qualifier and USAJMO qualifier.

Nowhere, since as of right now it is not finished yet. If you take my classes you will be able to see more snippets of it.

Sure, just PM me on AoPS or email me. Unless if you want a solution to #15, in which case, see below.

Sorry, I seem to have misplaced the solution and forgot how to do the problem. I can tell you that the numerical answer is 19/30, but that's all that's in my notes.

I'll announce them as soon as I've got something concrete to work with! Right now it's just an idea in my head. I'll try to pester the local STEM organization into hosting, but no guarantees everything works out.

Sure. I'll accept you if you demonstrate through the Diagnostic that you've gotten better between the competition and now and that you're ready for the program.

I wrote the HTML/CSS on this website myself. I learned some basic HTML/CSS on my own, using tutorials when necessary. I host on Github. The domain provider you use doesn't matter, but for the record, I'm using Namecheap. See here for my Github repository.

Don't be afraid to surpass the people you admire.

Feel free to slide into the DMs. I promise it won't kill you - after all, plenty of people have survived.